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List Page in Google Sites

List pages allow you to easily track lists of information. You can choose from a list of templatesor configure your own custom columns. Items can be easily added, updated and removed.


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List type page template allows you to to keep track of action items from a meeting/project OR track your project's open issues OR track the status of individual units in your project OR you can create your own columns of list. You can create custom columns if you select to create your own columns list page and it may be date, email address, URL, Description, project name etc.

How to create List Page in Google Sites


Related FAQ

Q. Can i adjust the columns width of List page in Google Sites?

A. No, this feature is still not offered by Google Sites.

Q. Anyone can add item in List Page?

A. No, only sites owners and collaborators can add items in list page but every one can view and sort the columns.

Create List Page in Google Sites

Just Click on the Icon "New Page" and you will go to next page to select the page template type and other options.

List Page

When you have done the above step, you will move to create page and select the "List" from "Select a template to use".

List Page in Google Sites

Google Sites List Page Template

List Page Features

Easy to Manage Items

A user can easily add, delete and edit items in the list so it give the user a quick and fast way to manage items in the List Page. A visitor can sort the list items by columns.

Subscribe to list changes

Same like File Cabinet page, a user or visitor can subscribe to the changes for list page. Whenever a item will be added, removed or updated, user will get notified.