Announcement Page

An Announcement page in Google Sites is normally used to post chronological information like news, updates, and events information for sites visitors or users. It also make it quick for individuals or the groups to create a page with a list of 'posts' to post organizational news, new releases, post interesting links from the web and project updates. Announcement page also use as simple blogs and each post is like a mini webpage so you can edit, insert images and links, format the text according to your need and also you can insert Gadgets.

How to create an Announcement page in Google Sites

Just Click on the Icon "New Page" and you will go to next page to select the page template type and other options.

When you have done it, you will move to create page and select the "Announcements" from "Select a template to use".Announcement Page features

Announcement pages are unique in its properties. Google Sites Announcement page make it very easy to manage post, integrate them with RSS Feed readers and use them as Gadgets.

Easy to Edit:

The posts on an Announcement page are very easy to edit, you can edit or update the existing post by just clicking on "Edit" as you edit other page in Google Sites. You can insert objects in a post, format text and also insert gadgets on the post and all you can done by just one click.

Show Post History:

Announcement History

The Announcement page also show the history of the posts that when it was created, who created this post and when it was last updated. This feature maintain the user interest that when the information in the specific post was last updated. RSS Feed:

One of the best feature of Google Sites Announcement Page that it automatically generates RSS Feed so that a user can subscribe to changes by using feed reader.

You may use Google Reader to subscribe these changes in posts and these changes may refer to new posts or any update in existing post. You can also create a new post just by clicking on "New post" Showing Recent Post in Gadget:

When a Announcement page has been created, Google Sites offers you to use Recent Post Gadget to show the posts on any page. Assume that you created a Announcement page which refer your website update, you may show these update at home page, product page or anywhere.

Related FAQ

Q. How many Announcement pages i can create in a Google Sites website?

A. Its up to you, you can create as many announcement pages as you like in your Google Sites website.

Q. Can i save the Announcement page as user created template?

A. No, you can not.

Q. How i can make an announcement page to show a short version of a post and let users to read whole post by navigating to the post?

A. You can show the short version of the entries in an Announcements page by just insert the Recent posts gadget. Go to Edit Page > Insert > Recent posts.

Q. Can i remove posted time, date and post by (author name) from a post?

A. No.