File Cabinet Page

File Cabinet Page in Google Sites

File Cabinet use to upload files or documents so you can manage them in Google Sites. You can create folders (as much you want) in File Cabinet Page in Google Sites so you can organize the uploaded files. It also keep history of uploaded file so whenever you want to revert a document to earlier version, you can do it by just a click.

How to create a File Cabinet Page in Google Sites?


Related FAQ

Q. Can I upload a document in File Cabinet which was created in Google Docs?

A. No.

Q. Can I upload Photo Shop (.psd), .pdf etc in File Cabinet?

A. Yes, you can even upload .mp4 file but the file size must be less then 20 MB.

Q. How many File Cabinet pages i can create in a Google Sites website ?

A. You can create as many File Cabinet pages in your Google Sites website but with in the limit of Google Sites Storage.

Q. Can I upload a file directly in File Cabinet from a web?

A. Yes, you can. When you will click to Add file, you will see the option to upload it from your computer or from the web.

Create File Cabinet Page

Just Click on the Icon "New Page" and you will go to next page to select the page template type and other options.

Select from template

When you have done the above step, you will move to create page and select the "File Cabinet" from "Select a template to use".

File Cabinet Page in Google Sites

File Cabinet Page in Google Sites

1. This is showing the file name and extension. If the uploaded file is recognized by file cabinet page, then you will see the exact icon of the file.

2. Showing uploaded file Description. You may change or add the description later means after uploading the file. When you will alter the file description, file version will also upgrade.

3. File size of the file in file cabinet.

4. Displaying file versions that how many version you have uploaded of this file. Whenever you will upload the file with same name or even change the description, file version will be updated. To view the earlier versions, just click on it and you will move to earlier version of that file.

5. Showing the time that when this file was uploaded. If you update the file then it will only show the last updated time.

6. Showing the user name who uploaded the file.

File Cabinet Page Features

One Click File Upload

Add file
Upload file in File Cabinet

Organizing file in File Cabinet

Organize files in File Cabinet

You can create folders to organize the File Cabinet files. You can even move you file from one folder to an other in the page. To Move the file, you need to create the folder first. You can also delete the file, just select and Delete it.

Subscribe to changes

subscribing to file cabinet changes

A user of your Google Sites Website and visitor can also subscribe to the changes of File Cabinet page. Whenever a new file will be uploaded or update the existing one, user will get notified.

Calling List Page anywhere in Google Sites

You can call a List page items any page in your Google Sites website. You can insert call your list items by using "Recent list items" gadget.


You can manage all file in File Cabinet by using File Manager of your Google Sites website.

You may go to File Manager: More > Manage site > Attachments (see it on left sidebar)