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At Sites Help, you can have a look on top 10 best Google Sites. First time, in the history of Google Sites, we sort out top 10 Google Sites and ranked them. We review all submitted Google Sites from the huge collection of Google Sites examples, we listed the top 10 Google Sites. You can also submit your site at Sites Help for the review. If we found that your site meets the top 10 Google Sites criteria, so we list them in Google top 10 sites. If your Google Sites website is one of the following, then you are lucky because you are at top 10 Google Sites website panel at Sites Help.

List of top 10 web design built with New Google Sites

# 1

Google Sites : Virtual Pieces

# 2

Google Sites : Steph Abegg's

# 3

Google Sites : Name

# 4

Google Sites : Name

FAQ for listing your site with Google Sites examples

Can I directly submit my Google Sites website at best Google Sites examples?

No, you can not. First you need to submit your Google Sites website at Submit your Google Sites website . After we receive your request, we will analyze your site and if we found your site is passing all parameters, we enlist your Google Sites website at best Google Sites examples.

How long my website will be on best example of Google Sites page?

Once you submit your website, our team takes 48 hours to review your request to process.

My site is enlisted but i do not want it anymore in best examples of Google Sites, what should i do?

If you do not want your website enlisted anymore here, simply email us at developer[at] with details with subject "remove".

Is there any price to get listed in best Google Sites examples?

No, it's free and anyone can submit his Google Sites website.

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