Google Sites Tutorial

Sites Help offers tutorial of Google Sites, the best and free Google Sites Tutorial. In this tutorials, you will learn about working with Google Sites. If you are new to Google Sites, we highly recommend you to read this Google Sites tutorial. After the end of this tutorial, you will be able to work in Google Sites as a professional of Google Sites.

Inside Google Sites Get Started with new Google Sites User Interface

We are updating this tutorial from old Google Sites UI (User Interface) to new Google Sites UI to increase user experience. We received many requests from user that they want to see Google Sites tutorial with new UI, so following are the up dated chapters and we are working fast on rest of tutorial.

Google Sites Starting Guide

Signing Up with Google Sites | Signing In to Google Sites | Understanding Google Sites Storage

Create a website in Google Sites

Standard templates


Work with a Page in Google Sites

Page Title | Changing Page URL | Recovering a Deleted Page | Reverting to Earlier Version

Working with Templates in Google Sites

Saving Page as Page Template | Changing Page Template | User Created Templates | Template Settings

Changing Google Sites Appearance

Title | Logo | Language | Color and Fonts | Theme | Google Sites Layout

Google Sites Navigation

Sidebar Navigation | Horizontal Navigation

Google Sites Footer

Customizing Default Footer | Creating your Own Footer |

Working with a site in Google Sites

Copying site | Deleting site | Publishing a site as Template | Changing Site Template | Access Settings

Setting the Landing Page

Customizing Google Sites Sidebar

Optimizing Google Sites for Mobile devices

Configuring Google Webmaster Tool

Configuring Google Analytics with Google Sites

New Page

Understanding Sharing and Permission in Google Sites - Share


Working with 'More' in Google Sites - More Menu

Page actions

Page template

Site actions

Revision History

Subscribe to page changes

Page settings

Print page

Move page

Delete page

Preview page a viewer

Save as page template

Change page template

Subscribe to site change

Manage site

Manage AdSense

Sharing and Permissions

Editing a page in Google Sites - Edit page

Insert - Inserting and Working with Objects in Google Sites






Table of contents

Subpage listing

Horizontal Line

+1 button

Recent posts

Recently updated files

Recent list items

Text Box

More gadgets


Apps Script Gadget




Picasa Photo

Picasa Web Slideshow



Spreadsheet form


Format - Adjusting and components in Google Sites

Format Menu Items


Clear Formatting

Heading (H2)

Sub-heading (H3)

Minor heading (H4)

Normal paragraph text





Blockquote Code


Table - Working with tables in Google Sites

Table Menu Items


Layout - Choosing layouts for page in Google Sites

Layout Menu Items


One column (simple)

Two column (simple)

Three column (simple)

One column

Two column

Three column

Left sidebar

Right sidebar

Left and right sidebars

Edit bar- On Page editing toolbar in Google Sites

Related FAQ

Q. Do i need to read Google Sites tutorial completely to become familiar with Google Sites?

A. Its all up to you, you can pick a specific session from Google Sites tutorial and read entire tutorial.