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In this FAQ session, Sites Help tired to give the reliant answer of the question. Google Sites FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) or FAQ's are listed questions and answers, all supposed to be frequently asked in some context and pertaining to a particular topic which is Google Sites here.

Following Google Sites FAQs are correct answered, up to dated and easy to understand and link with Google Sites How to (where necessary) which is a Step by Step guide of Google Sites.

Latest FAQ:

Can I use custom font with my New Google Sites website?

Yes, you can use custom fonts from Google Fonts, see Custom Fonts.

General Questions about New Google Sites

Is Google Sites free to use?

Yes, it is free for everyone with a valid Google account. If you are with a Google Workspace account and unable to find Google Sites, make sure that Google Sites is enabled on your domain by your Google Workspace administrator.

Do I need any specific app to work with Google Sites?

No, you need a web browser (for example, Google Chrome) to work with Google Sites.

Can I use custom HTML, CSS, JS in my site?

Yes, you can use it with "Embed" feature. See HTML, CSS and JS in Google Sites.

Can I use Google Adsense with Google Sites?

No, Google is not offering using AdSense with Google Sites.

Can I upload a custom-made to Google Sites website?

No, you can't upload custom-made websites to Google Sites and you can not use any code editor to make changes even if you download your Google Sites website.

Can I delete my Google Sites public website or private intranet?

Yes, you can delete it. You must be with "Owner Rights" with the site to delete Google Sites.

What is Public and Private site in Google Sites?

Public site means that anyone in the world can see your website and private site means that only authorized people can access your site and requires sign in to access.

Can I change the name of my site?

Yes you can change the name of your site. How to do, visit Google Sites Step by Step Guide: Changing the site name

How much storage space Google Sites provides and can I create more the one site and page in Google Sites?

Yes, you can create more then one site in Google Sites. It depends on available storage space of Google Sites (if you are with Google Apps account) and number of limit creating Google Sites per day with your stand alone Google account (which is also know as As far as the number of creating page is concern in Google Sites, you can create unlimited pages within your available space.

Can I remove default search engine from the header of my site in Google Sites?

Yes, you can removing default search engine from Google Sites header.

Can I hide the attachments from my Google Sites page?

Yes you hide attachments from Google Sites page but they will still available to use if you know the file name/url.

Can I change the background color of my site in Google Sites and use background image?

Yes, you can change the background color in Google Sites and also use a background image in Google Sites.

How many page types are offered by Google Sites when i create a new page?

Google Sites offer 5 types of pages which are actually templates when you create a new page. Web page, Announcements, File Cabinet, List and Start Page.

Can i edit Google Sites offline?

No you can not edit or work offline with you Google Sites website.

Why I am unable to edit my site anymore in Google Sites?

Because you are not anymore the collaborator of the site and your editing or owner rights are revoked by other site owner. In this case, you can get help from Google Sites Help Forum and post there with your Google Sites URL (web address).

Can I add Custom Search Engine in my site?

Yes, you can add Google custom search engine in Google Sites.

Can I change the landing page of my site in Google Sites?

Yes, you can change the landing page of Google Sites. Normally landing page refer as home page.

Can I use all HTML tags and CSS in Google Sites while editing page?

No, there are limited HTML tags which you can use in Google Sites. Same case with CSS that and you can only use inline CSS in HTML editor. If you will use non supported HTML and CSS tags in Google Sites, it will automatically removed by when you click on Update button in HTML editor in Google Sites.

Can I use Google Analytics and Google Webmaster tools with my Google Site?

Yes, you can use Google Analytics and Google Webmaster with Google Sites. These tools will help you in improving the ranking of your site in search results and very important for SEO of Google Sites.

If I deleted a page from my site, can i recover it?

Yes, you can recover deleted page in Google Sites with in 4 weeks from the date/time of deletion.

Can I share my site with others to view and edit in Google Sites?

Yes, you can share Google Sites with others and can be done with View, Edit and Owners rights. These permissions are handled in Google Sites Sharing and Permission settings.

If your Google Sites website is already a public site, there is no need to invite other(s) to view your site, simply give them the URL of your site to view. If you site is a private intranet on Google Sites, you can assign View rights to other(s) to view it.

Is there any terms of Service, Program Policy and Privacy Policy for Google Sites?

Yes, there are Terms of Service, Program Policy and Privacy Policy for Google Sites and we highly recommended to read and follow them.

Can i use use Favicon in New Google Sites?

Yes, you can. See how to add favicon in New Google Sites.