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How to create a free website with Google Sites

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1. Sign in to Google Sites by visiting by using your Gmail account or Google Apps account. 2. After successful Sign in, you can create a site just by clicking "CREATE" . 3. If you have already created website, then you may find your sites on the right hand site on the same page from where you are going to create your site.


If you are creating a website under, then you will not see "My Sites in" where "" is the domain name.


If you are unable to create a website in Google Sites using your Google Apps account, then contact your administrator. Because normally organizations do not allow their users to create sites so that sites are blocked by administrators.

After clicking on CREATE, you will go to next page to create your site as seen below:

While creating a new site in Google Sites, you will see many option. We defined these option with numbers, click on the right side image and stay on this page to know about these options. 1. Browse the gallery for more : You can browse the template gallery and can select a template which which like. You can explorer the well organized template gallery by categories. Selecting template in other language: Click on the "Browse the gallery for more", at bottom, you will see the option "Choose a language", select the template language and click "Select". 2. Name your site: Write the name of your site. The name which you will write here will appear in the browser title bar. Site name also plays an important role in SEO of Google Sites. 3. Site location: You can use the location of your Google Sites website. Normally this box filled up as "Name of site" but you can change it. Spaces are not allow in location, if you will put space, it will be automatically replaced with "-". The site location must be available means not used before.

4. Select a theme: Google Sites offers a variety of theme. You can choose from a theme for your Google Sites website.

5. More options: By exploring it, you can work with "Site categories", "Site description" and "Share with".

Site categories are tags or labels which help you to find your site specially when your organization have many of sites. Giving site a category also helps to organize the sites. It makes easy when you "Browse Sites"

Site description is a little briefing about your website in Google Sites. This is also important to SEO of your Google Site website. Site description will show up in search engine so it write very meaning full.

Share with option offers you to choose access option for your site. You can make your Google Sites website accessible only for your organization users OR only the people you will allow to access OR accessible for everyone in the world.

When you have done all these options, just click on "CREATE" and its done. You have successfully create a new website using Google Sites.


You may select or alter all these options and setting later anytime after creating you website in Google Sites. Go More > Manage site and there you can work these options. So do not worry of you missed any option or choose the wrong option which do not suites you.

If you delete a page then all sub pages under the page will also delete.

Related FAQ

Q. How much it will cost me to create a free website on Google Sites?

A. Google Sites is a free platform to create website, all you need a valid Google Account to create a site.

Q. How much storage space is offer by Google Sites?

A. It vary on Google account which you are using to create a website, see Google Sites Storage and File Limitations.

Q. Can i create intranet on Google Sites?

A. Yes, you can create secure intranet on Google Sites for your company, the process to create the intranet site is same as above but you have to change the site permissions.

Q. I did not find what i was looking for Google Sites?

A. You can Ask your Google Sites Question directly from Google Sites Expert team.