Sign In to Google Sites

Signing In in Google Sites

Google Sites offers various ways to Sign In. You need to Sign in when you need to view (in case your Google Sites website is private or not public), edit or do any other operation in Google Sites. You can Sign In very easily by using any of the following way:

Websites created under

If you create your Google Sites website under , then simple go at and use your log in details.

Website created using Google Apps

Websites which are created using your own domain use Google Apps.

Just type "" Change "domain-name" with your domain and use your Log in details to Sign In.


Related FAQ

Q. My website is created using Google Apps and i used but unable to reach the site?

A. It may cause that the site you want to access or sign in has been deleted by owner OR you lost the rights to access that site OR you are trying to access a site which is created under your domain but you forgot to give the site name. If this situation occur, then use this URL:

Q. Is there any difference in between sites which are created using and sites created under a domain ?

A. Yes, their are many difference but one of the major difference is Google Sites storage. The other difference that you can not use the site under as a complete intranet site.


Understanding Google Sites URL

If your site is created under this URL, then you will find the following like URL while exploring:

If your sites created using Google Apps, then you will find the following like URL while exploring it:

for example:

where is domain name and www is the site name which is mapped at www.


The easiest way to sign in your Google Sites website is to visit the site and look at the bottom for "Sign in" click and use your log in details.