Creating Horizontal Navigation

Creating horizontal navigation in Google Sites

It was highly asked question from Google Sites users that "How to create horizontal navigation in Google site?". Now Google Sites has added this nice feature. You need to understand that horizontal navigation is just navigation bar, not the drop down navigation menu. The navigation bar will show on top

of each page of your site.

Difference between sidebar and horizontal navigation bar

The main difference in Sidebar navigation and horizontal navigation bar in Google Sites that in sidebar navigation bar automatically add pages when you create but in horizontal navigation bar, you need to add them manually.

Secondly, users have that multiple options like "Boxes" (the default), "Tabs" and "Links" to display it.

Creating horizontal navigation bar

Step 1:

Click at "More action" and then click "Manage site".

Step 2:

Click "Site layout" under "Site appearance" and then click "Change site layout".

Step 3:

In the appeared box, Select "Horizontal navigation bar" and click "OK".

Step 4:

No you notice that your site layout page got a more option ""

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