Using AdSense with Google Sites

Using Google AdSense with Google Sites

You can enable Google AdSense with Google Sites. Google AdSense is only the solution for Google Sites owners to earn money from their site. Their is no need to copy/paste the AdSense code in Google site to AdSense, its simple like inserting image in site.

Their are many types of Google AdSense for example AdSense for mobile content, AdSense for feeds, AdSense for domains etc but currently Google Sites owners can only use AdSense for content in their sites. For doing this, you need to first enable your site, then you can insert AdSense units from your site.


- You must have a Google AdSense account to use it with your Google site.

- You can only use 3 Google Adsense units in a page of your Google site.

- You must be signed in before enabling and inserting Google AdSense in your site.

    • Enabling Google AdSense in Google Sites

Step 1:

Click at "More action" and then click "Manage site".

Step 2:

Click "Monetize" from the left panel under "Site settings" and then click "Monetize this site"

Step 3:

Select "Use an existing AdSense account" and give your email which you use for AdSense and some other detail as asked and click "Next".

Once you have done these above steps, you will see the next page with this message that "AdSense is enabled for your site", check your AdSense Email and confirm.

    • Inserting AdSense in Google Sites

Step 1:

Click "Edit page".

Step 2:

Click "Insert" and then "AdSense"

Step 3:

Select ad from the "Insert Ad" and click "OK". After selecting the ad size, you have the choice that this ad only the text ad or text and image.

Display Style: "Blend in" means there will no border on ad and "Stand out" means that there will be a border on ad. See also: Adsense Ad formats

AdSense Ad formats in Google Sites

In Google Sites, Google AdSense offers major 2 types of ad formats: Ad Units and Five Link Units.

Ad Units: This type offered verity of sizes and take more place on the page and display. In this type, you have the option that you may select both "Text and Image" type ad's to display. Example of Ad Units 336 x 280 Large Rectangle:

Five Link Units:

This type offered less types of ad's and also take less place. In this ad type, only text type ad's will display.

Example of Five Link Unit 468 x 15 Horizontal Row:

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