Google Sites Review

Our team of Google Sites experts wrote this Google Sites review based on their practical experience. This review is specially design to understand the benefits, drawbacks, limitations and security (sharing and permission) of Google Sites.  We hope this Google Sites Review will help you in a better way to make your decision to move on Google Sites for your public, mobile and intranet site.

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Last updated: Jan 2015

Free, powerful and most secure platform which is hosted on Google servers for creating public websites and private intranet. Simple interface with What You See Is What You Get (WYSIWYG). Lots of gadgets to add which are available by Google Sites and also add your own custom gadget. Saves previous versions of pages. One click integration with other Google products and service like: Drive, Maps, Spreadsheets, Presentations, YouTube, Calendar, Google Plus and more.
Limited page layout and design options so customization is not an easy option. Some key HTML tags, external CSS and JS (javascript) files are not allowed to use in HTML editor of Google Sites. iFrame can only use through gadgets. No summary of used space of Google Sites which created under Google Apps.
Bottom Line:
With Google Sites, you can create public website and private intranet more easily and quickly than other the first generation of services (Geocities, for example). Many gadgets offer a lot of content, features and communication tools to give life to you site. Gadgets are easy to use.

Other competitors like Freewebs, Wetpaint and Wix have better interfaces for design and development but not easy and vast like Google Sites.