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This page template is only available to Google Apps users. Start page is approximately similar to iGoogle page. You can set it up with gadgets so you may call it the personalized page. Sites owners and collaborators can also add rich media or content but it will be visible to all users but that section remains separate from the section that can be personalized in start page.

How to create a Start Page in Google Sites

Start Page in Google Sites

Just Click on the Icon "New Page" and you will go to next page to select the page template type and other options.

Start Page

When you have done the above step, you will move to create page and select the "Start Page" from "Select a template to use".

Start Page in Google Sites

Creating Start Page in Google Sites

Start page Features

Personalized Page
You can easily create a personal page. You can even use rich media or content to make it according to your desire.

Live Gadget display
If you inserted a gadget in any other page template, it will not visible in functional condition but in start page, the gadget is functionally visible.

Move Gadget is Never Easier before

Moving a gadget by click and drag is not available in any other page template but you can move you inserted gadgets just by clicking and dragging them.

Start Page is only available to Google Apps users. If you created a Google Sites website under , you can not create a Start Page.

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Related FAQ

How many Start Pages i can create?
A. You can create as many as you want in a Google Sites website.

Q. Can i save a Start Page as a template?
A. No.

Q. I have created a website in Google Sites under (non Google Apps account) can i create a start page?
A. No, you cannot. Start Page is only available to Google Apps users.