Google Sites Overview

Google Sites is a free, powerful and easy way to create public websites and private intranet. You just need a Google account, internet connected computer and a web browser to use Google Sites which is an online application us to creating a website, wiki's and intranet but as easy as editing a document, no HTML knowledge is required. With single-click page creation feature, you can create web pages, announcements pages, file cabinet page, list type pages and a start page where you can add gadgets of your choice in special area.

Sharing and Permissions in Google Sites let you designate owners, collaborators and viewers for your site. You can always control your Google Sites who has access, whether it's just yourself, your team, or your whole organization to work with it or the world to view it. Its very simple as it was never before.

No software to Deploy or Servers to Maintain for Google Sites

Integration with other Google Products and Services

You can integrate other Google services and products with Google Sites, for example, Google Analytics, Google Webmaster tool and Google Drive folder. You can also use Google YouTube videos, documents from Google Drive, Google Calendar, Google Spreadsheet, Google Presentation, Charts, Google Groups, Google Plus, Start Hangout button, Google Maps and much more. You can do all this with few clicks.

Customization and Applying Own Branding in Google Sites

Google Sites allows you to fully customize your site. It offered dozens of templates and allows you to start with an existing theme and make customizations. It comes with options like changing background color and adding background image feature with fix and adjust on page feature. From background to text, borders and columns, you can choose almost any color of the rainbow with their easy-to-use color chooser. You can use horizontal navigation or sidebar navigation or both at the same time and customize them as well.
If you don't want to go deeper in Google Sites customization, you can choose a template for your site from dozens of pre-built templates. Moreover, you can apply your own branding on your chosen template which requires a bit experience in working with Google Sites. You can hire a Google Sites Designer and Developer for this customization.

Powerful Search Engine in Google Sites

Search across Google Sites content using powerful Google search technology. Now you can find specific pages and documents instantly as the same way you do on

Security: Sharing and Permissions in Google Sites

Sharing made easy by Google Sites, this is 100% real statement because Google Sites allow you to do this in few clicks. You decide who can modify, add new content or page to your site. Google Sites site can be private intranet or public site. Only authorized persons can access and view your site. Moreover, you can control your site permission on 3 levels: View, Edit and Owners rights. You can also control sharing and permission on page level.

Google Sites as Corporate Intranet

You can create intranet using Google Sites for your organization. By enabling page level sharing and permissions, you get more control that who can view or edit a specific page. This feature allow you to restrict one user/department not to access other user/department information. With one click, you can share your intranet with your whole corporate employes/agents and even from your outside your organization. Some Google Sites key feature are:
  • End users of your intranet can update content themselves, no need for web design and development skill
  • No additional hardware or software to purchase or support
  • Accessible anytime and anywhere to distributed or remote users

Google Sites as Public Website

You can create your business presence over the internet using Google Sites. You can make your content public with few clicks and less then a minute. You can map your Google Sites website with a custom domain, for example, your Google Sites URL is and you can make it accessible at

A Real Collaborative Tool

You can call peoples around the world for work together on the running project.

Form in Google Sites

Creating form for websites is always a difficult thing to do but you can do it now with Google Forms and use them in Google Sites. You can create a simple to complex from and store from data in Google Spreadsheet.

Bottom line

Google Sites is simple enough for a personal, family, education and business website and powerful enough for a company intranet with all features which can not be beaten by any other service provider.