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Here you will learn about link also known as hyperlink or clickable object in a site. You will learn how to make the text, image, a block of text linkable.

How to insert a Page link in site?

In edit page, click on the Insert menu, in drop down, you will see the option Link, click that and follow the steps. You can add links of a site page which come with its page title. Also you can add the link of other websites by selecting Web address and Apps Script.
Insert Link Create Link Options in Google Sites

How to make text or image linkable (clickable or hyperlink)?

Simply select the text or image which you make to make link in page edit and click on the link icon on edit toolbar. When you insert a image, it already linked with it self by default. In some case, you have removed the link form image and want to make it linkable again.
Note: if the text which you want to make link is contain .com, .net, .org, .edu or other LTD (Top Level Domain), it will make it linkable once you click on the Link icon on the edit toolbar. For example: is become linkable when click on the Link icon on toolbar. Be default, Google Sites make the links to open in same window, see open the link in new window.
Make Text or Image Link

How to make a on page link in a site page?

You can make a link on page. For example, you want a text or image linkable to a specific part of a page and when a user click it, it goes directly there but you remain on the same page. In edit page, go to HTML by clicking it form edit toolbar. The place where you want to choose come the page when click on the link, add the hyperlink tag as below:

<a name"name-your-link"></a>

Now while staying in page edit mode, select the text or image which you want to make on page linkable, and make this page link with it self (Insert > Link > Site Page) and then go inside the HTML and add #name-it-any-thing at the end of the link. For example:
<a href="">
You can see the sidebar on this page with small text is linked on the same page followed by the above way.

How to make a email address linkable (clickable or hyperlink)?

If the email address is already written, you just select the email address text and click on the link icon in edit page toolbar and it will create the email link for that email address. To edit email link, in edit page, click on the email address link and change the email.
Note the HTML tag for email is:
<a href=""></a>

How to make a email linkable so it directly open Gmail compose page (clickable or hyperlink)?

Just to open the Gmail compose window:

In some cases, you want a link which can open direct Gmail compose window in web browser.

For subject in email, add: &su=YOUR SUBJECT

To add message body (contact), CC, BCC, see following:

Only subject: Subject+&tf=1

Tip: To open compose Gmail email from your intranet (or public website), you can use it:

How to make your telephone, contact number as a link?

If you have a contact number and you want it a link so that when a user click on it, it open the calling app on there computer. If the page is visited in cell phone and a user will click on the number, the dial screen will come with that number.
In edit page, write the number (or text) and select it, then in edit toolbar, click on the Link icon and select Web address and on Link, simple write the number with and add tel:// before the number.

How to make the link for open in a new window/tab?

Note, you can make the image, text, email, block of text link in new window or tab by adding a simple HTML. target="_blank" , for example:
<a target="_blank" href="">Google</a>