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New Google Sites is available to non GSuite users

posted 15 Nov 2016, 16:49 by Rashid Bashir

No problem if you are not a GSuite (former Google Apps for work) customer. The most waited version of New Google Sites is available to gmail.com users. We hope that you might already have it.

To access New Google Sites

Open this link: https://sites.google.com/new OR open Google Drive > New > and see for the Google Sites.

Note: if you don't have see the option for it, don't worry. You should have it very soon.

Supporting Browsers of New Google Sites:
New Google Sites is currently supporting Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox web browsers.

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Top 10 Google Sites Websites

posted 27 Oct 2014, 22:58 by Rashid Bashir   [ updated 30 Jun 2015, 19:30 ]

Now first time in the history of Google Sites world, you can get the list of top 10 Google Sites. Sites Help select all these Google Sites and rank them.

Top 10 Google Sites

Google Sites SEO guide

posted 20 Aug 2010, 14:38 by Rashid Bashir   [ updated 9 Nov 2011, 15:55 ]

Google Sites SEO guide by Sites Help is now available. All tips and important rules which can help to improve your Google Sites ranking are in this guide. We also wrote all those steps which we did in getting our sites in best and top ranking in search engine.

To learn Google Sites SEO: 

Google Sites SEO

Submit your Google Site

posted 13 Jun 2010, 11:50 by Sites Help   [ updated 8 Mar 2011, 06:26 by Rashid Bashir ]

After receiving many requests from Google Sites users, we added the page "Submit Your Google Site"and we will list your Google Site in Google Sites Examples. It is very simple and easy to submit your site.
The purpose of Google Sites Example is to promote the Google Sites users. Sites Help is/will not responsible of any data/content in the Google Sites Example page. Sites Listed in Google Sites Example are the property of their respective owners.
For further details, visit our Term and Conditions.

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