Advance article & working with Google Sites

There are so many thing you can do in Google Sites if you know the advance working with Google Sites. Sites Help describes all advance articles and working with Google Sites in this session. It will be very helpful for the developers of Google Sites to know all about the advance articles and working with Google Sites by my (SitesHelp) best experience.

  • Advance working with Numbered List

Numbered list has very vast use. You may use it while working with thesis, creating manual table of content in your site, defining list of items in your Google site, defining steps for a specific task while working over a project and so on. There are so many cases more that you need sub number list to convey your message or discussion. In a discussion, you may need to define ........[more]
  • Page Naming Conventions

This article help you out to understand the Page Naming Conventions in Google Sites. This article is important and as well define page name management in Google Sites. While developing a site in Google Sites, Page Naming Conventions is important thing to understand. This article is not very useful for most users (end-user level, mostly). Sites Help still feel compelled to write because developer should be concerned about the Naming Conventions for pages, posts and whatever inside Google Sites, considering it as any other website. ........[more]

  • Advance understanding of Google Sites page layout
  • Advance working with tables
  • Advance working of Increase indent and Decrease indent